Friday, April 5, 2013

TechnoDnBRadio I'm looking for 2 other people to help manage the music content of this page and help the station grow. I'm still working on content, I'll be adding more music as the weeks go on and deleting some tracks that don't match the stations style. I'm not sure if I can add live shows/mixes yet but if so, I'll be hunting down dj's and labels to add even more outstanding sickness to the site. Enjoy and help promote this....ez

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Techno Edition Volume 10

The return of the techno edition broadcasts by nemesisfive, this show originally began in 2008 on and ended in March of 2009. The new show will be broadcasted on since the website is kind of brand new I'll be doing renegade shows until a schedule for the shows come out.

track list (err I think)

1. Haken Lidbo: Hyprocrite
2. Sub: Luna
3. Sub: 7
4. Dropout: Pandema
5. Dirty Fire Project: Breaking The Robot
6. Beatamines: Braindead
7. Craig Pringle: La Flecidat
8. Flo Rennt: Neper
9. Troels Knudsen (a.k.a. Pyro): External Self
10. Danze: Midwinter
11. Joel: Gestern
12. A.Paul: Akuaba
13. Zoid and Muckybeats: Japanese Clank
14: Kalen: Death and Destruction

check this link for some more mixes, radio shows and good tuneage at: